The Willfort System
The Willfort System

Expertise of patent attorneys and patent technicians

Willfort System of Training

Study of basic legal concepts, followed by practical on-the-job training.


Person having less than 1 year of practical experience. Receives on-the-job training under guidance and supervision of Senior Practitioner.


Person having at least 1 year of practical experience. Has successfully demonstrated possession of prescribed Practitioner-level skill set. Carries out prosecution activities while receiving support from Senior Practitioner.

Senior Practitioner Person having at least 3 years of practical experience. Has successfully demonstrated possession of prescribed Senior-Practitioner-level skill set. Person who is able to carry out prosecution activities as patent attorney or patent technician in his/her own right, and who may in addition be responsible for training of one or more Trainees.

Careful docketing and monitoring of deadlines

Docketing and Deadline Management
Filing deadlines, statutory deadlines, and so forth are entered in and managed by a computer-based system designed for that purpose (PAT DATA, World Version). Data which has been entered is cross-checked by multiple staff members so as to catch and prevent data entry errors.

Important statutory deadlines (request for examination, payment of maintenance fees, office action response deadlines, etc.) are printed out in the form of a Deadline Docket so as to supplement computer-based docketing system and provide redundancy in monitoring of critical dates.

Technical support staff also take responsibility for monitoring deadlines of the cases on which they are working.

Secure and reliable data management

Application-related documents (specification, claims, drawings, etc.), instructions from the JPO, and so forth are stored in paper files so as to allow persons responsible for the case to quickly access file content. The same content as is in the paper file is also saved as electronic data so as to allow access from Willfort data servers. Data servers are backed up at least once per day.

Our global network

Willfort's global network
We have established working relationships with a wide variety of patent firms and law firms in many countries around the world. We evaluate the abilities of the various firms with which we work and make efforts to maintain relationships with those firms that we have determined deliver a satisfactorily high level of performance.


Practice areas

Practice areas
  • Patent drafting
  • Prosecution and enforcement of patents
  • Patent prior art searches
  • Patent infringement and patentability opinions
  • Representation during patent invalidation appeals and litigation
  • Negotiation and drafting of IP agreements in patent-and trademark-related matters

Major technological competencies

  • Computer-implemented
  • Technologiesdata processing
  • Recording and communications
  • Digital signal processing
  • Electrical engineering
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Semiconductor technologies
  • Sensors and monitoring systems
  • Telecommunication equipment and devices
  • Applied physics and optics
  • Optoelectronics