Services offered by Willfort

Japanese patent-related services

We provide a wide range of patent-related services, including filing of patent applications before the JPO and searching of Japanese-language prior art.

Practice Area

Patent drafting, prosecution and enforcement of patents, patent prior art searches, patent infringement and patentability opinions, representation during patent invalidation appeals and litigation, negotiation and drafting of IP agreements in patent-and trademark-related matters.

Comprehensive and coordinated management of patent protection from patent offices in multiple Asian countries

Please allow us to also handle any patent applications you may desire in Asian countries other than Japan. We will manage the patent applications you have in each country so that the overall cost to you is reasonable.

We have experience obtaining patents not only from the JP, EP, and US patent offices, but also from the patent offices of various other Asian countries (CN, KR, SG, IN, TW, etc.), and we are well-versed in the law and practices applicable to each country.

As many Asian countries have come to experience rapid growth, the importance of those countries from the standpoint of international business has grown, as has the importance of obtaining patent protection in those countries. Unfortunately, one sometimes finds that the competence level of local counsel in Asian jurisdictions other than JP may lag somewhat behind the growth that such countries have made in other areas. Our Asian Global IP Management Service allows our clients to rest assured in knowing that Willfort International Patent Firm is also handling their counterpart applications in other Asian countries.
With our accumulated experience and skill in handling patent cases before the JP, EP, and US patent offices, as well as the patent offices of various other Asian countries, we are able to responsibly represent our clients in counterpart applications in multiple Asian countries, assess what the best prosecution strategy will be in each of those countries, and manage local counsel in those countries in the context of a comprehensive and coordinated program that is consistent with those patent prosecution strategies.

We are also able to communicate effectively with our clients so that we understand the client's global business strategy as well as the client's business strategies in each particular country, which allows us to fine-tune the claims that will be under application in each of those countries in a manner that is consistent with those strategies.

This Asian Global IP Management Service, which we offer to our clients who seek to obtain patents in multiple Asian countries, helps to ensure that the claims of the patents obtained in the various countries will best serve the client's business needs to the maximum extent possible.